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by mcrouse1934
07/06/2012, 14:16
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Topic: Network Error message
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Re: Network Error message

Installed Voice Control on a Samsung Exhibit. I am on a pre-pay plan and do not have a data subscription. It worked at home, but on the road got a "network error" message. Does Voice Control require access to the Internet to work? I am thinking that it worked at home by accessing the Internet over ...
by mcrouse1934
04/06/2012, 22:14
Forum: Support
Topic: Dialing when Voice Control finds two phone numbers
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Dialing when Voice Control finds two phone numbers

Some of my contacts are linked so that information comes from two separate sources (Google and a Microsoft Exchange server). When I ask Voice Control via my bluetooth earpiece to dial such a number, I receive a long explanation about the number being "at work 1" and "at work 2" but I do not know how...
by mcrouse1934
04/06/2012, 22:08
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Topic: Beta tester auditions!
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Re: Beta tester auditions!

If you are still accepting beta testers, I would like to be added to test the English version. Until last week I had always used Choice Dialer Plus on my old Android phone for completely hands-free dialing via bluetooth earpiece. It will not run under Android 4.0 on my new phone and the developer sa...