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by dannyjpa
21/08/2012, 17:33
Forum: Support
Topic: Not working with YvonnaTTS
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Not working with YvonnaTTS

I have been trying the app with Yvonna TTS, i would get no sound confirmation on the commands.
by dannyjpa
26/07/2012, 2:27
Forum: New features request
Topic: Stand by mode
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Stand by mode

The system should have a stand by or listening mode where you could wake up with a simple command
by dannyjpa
26/07/2012, 2:20
Forum: Support
Topic: error on spanish command "Escuchar musica" (play Music)
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error on spanish command "Escuchar musica" (play Music)

When I use the command "Escuchar musica" (listen to music or Play music) it gives me an error in english. This command should open the default music app installed on the system, or give the error message in spanish.
by dannyjpa
26/07/2012, 2:12
Forum: Support
Topic: Not recognizing command for sending sms
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Not recognizing command for sending sms

I was sending several txt messages from a Motorola xt 615 and after approx. 10sms it stop recognizing the speech it would say "Confirm Cancel" and it would exit the app
by dannyjpa
26/06/2012, 18:54
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Beta tester auditions!
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Re: Beta tester auditions!

Hi if you are looking for beta testers i am bilingual, speak spanish and english fluently native on both (i am an interpreter), I have a woo tablet, a samsung galaxy note, and a motorola xt615(newly released). I had an htc g1 but no longer use it. so i would like to become a beta tester. I also do h...