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Posted: 25/03/2016, 5:32
by pablo71
keep trying different versions of the Google App till you get one that works with Klets, and make sure in the Google App you DON'T use the 'ok Google' hotword option and DO USE THE BLUETOOTH HEADSET option ... I'd be thrilled if another developer carried on with Klets because it's the only voice app I've been able to get working ROCK SOLIDLY with Bluetooth that will READ BACK THE TEXTS TO YOU YOU WISH TO SEND, and yes I've tried ALL the other options .... Google App changes are what breaks Klets, because Klets uses the voice recognizer provided by Google to operate. ( it blows my mind that the Google app will not read your texts back to you before sending them and iinstead wants you to look at the screen to verify that what you typed is correct ... why would you be looking at the screen when you're supposed to have your eyes on the road ? It's absurd ) with Klets I can leave my phone in my pocket and just press the button on my Bluetooth earpiece and send texts perfectly