Beta tester auditions!

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Re: Beta tester auditions!

Post by salexanda » 25/05/2012, 14:06


I'm French people and I really want to become a beta tester of your software.

Here are all the devices that I've got in my possession : HTC Wildfire 2.2, Samsung Nexus S 4.0.4 and Asus EEEPAD Transformer TF101 4.0.3 therefore I know very well how install an APK. And I've got a Wimm One Watch under Android which comes from USA. I'm Geek like you can see.

Your kind of software is better than others because yours speaks and reconizes very well the french speeches, therefore if your are intseresting by my proposal, contact me like you want.

Thanks in advanced to your answer.


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Re: Beta tester auditions!

Post by mcrouse1934 » 04/06/2012, 22:08

If you are still accepting beta testers, I would like to be added to test the English version.

Until last week I had always used Choice Dialer Plus on my old Android phone for completely hands-free dialing via bluetooth earpiece. It will not run under Android 4.0 on my new phone and the developer says he will never update it to do so (bad business policy, it seems to me, but it's his business). In my search to find a replacement for Choice Dialer Plus, I have tried several other voice applications such as Vlingo, Skyvi, Google's Voice Command program, and none of them are capable. Just today I discovered your application and have received the license to test it fully for a week, and although there are some features that don't seem to work under Android 4.0, the ones that I really need do seem to work.

If you don't need me as a beta tester, I will continue to test your application under the trial license, and I hope that it will prove to be the application I need. (I am going to post separately a question that I have about it.)

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Re: Beta tester auditions!

Post by dannyjpa » 26/06/2012, 18:54

Hi if you are looking for beta testers i am bilingual, speak spanish and english fluently native on both (i am an interpreter), I have a woo tablet, a samsung galaxy note, and a motorola xt615(newly released). I had an htc g1 but no longer use it. so i would like to become a beta tester. I also do have some computer knowledge. it wold be a pleasure and an honor to be part of this.

Thank you

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Re: Beta tester auditions!

Post by the-swede » 14/07/2012, 9:55

Hi Mr Luka Kama, i would be very interested in Beta testing and translation for Swedish, if any plans are close to the future for such version.

H/W : Samsung Galaxy Nexus Currently running Ice Cream 4.0.4 , Kernel 3.0.32

Test version works like a charm, but i cant purchase it due to market lockout in my region.
I mainly use it in total handsfree / Bluetooth headset.

Kind Regards: Rikard

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Re: Beta tester auditions!

Post by Mcfly » 11/08/2012, 11:07

Hello :D

can I try your French Beta version on Samsung XCover S5690???

thank you


Luka Kama
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Re: Beta tester auditions!

Post by Luka Kama » 12/08/2012, 10:38

I will be glad to add both you to the beta tester group, once I will return from the holidays :) (on the 20 August).

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Re: Beta tester auditions!

Post by X-man » 18/04/2013, 20:44

Just submitted my app. I love Android and I also love trying new things with it and pushing the limits. I’m not a developer but I do have quite a bit of Android knowledge. Every android device in my house is rooted and customized. And I and constantly doing something now to one of my devices “especially my phone” I am a member of quite a few Android development sites and am actually head moderator of one. I am not afraid of “Bricking” anything. Been there and done that with all of my devices by trying new stuff and I’ve always been able to bring them back to life so it doesn’t scare me anymore, LOL Like I said I’m not a developer “I want to be” but I do have a lot of android knowledge. I have done minor things on my own such as making bootanimations and live wallpapers. I know a little about modifying build props etc. I kind of just dabble in several things. LOL My current phone is a Moto Droid Razr Maxx. I have an HTC Thunderbolt and a Droid X and several different tablets. I want to do this honestly because I love Android and I like to help people with it whenever I can because I like to help Android advance as much as I can. Honestly “At the risk of sounding corny” I just have a passion for Android in general.
Thank you for your consideration.