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How to enable offline voice recognition

With latest Android and Google Now versions it is possible to install a package needed to enable offline voice recognition, in order to make KLets to work without an active internet connection.

To enable the offline voice recognition on your phone, follow these instruction:

  1. Ensure that you have latest upgrades for your phone and Google Now app.
  2. Open your phone's “Language & Input” settings.

  3. Open the “Voice recognizer” option.

  4. Ensure that “Google” is set as the default voice recognition engine

  5. Open the “Voice Search” option.

  6. Look at the “Language” set and then open the “Offline speech recognition” option.
    If you don't have a “Offline speech recognition” option, then you either doesn't have latest version of Google Now or the offline voice recognition isn't enabled by Google for your device. In latter case, you could try to check this xda-developers post:

  7. Select the “All” tab.

  8. Select and download the package for the same language as shown in “Voice Search” settings on your phone, otherwhise the offline voice recognition may not work.

  9. Wait for the language download to finish and then enjoy KLets in offline.
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