About KLets

Have you ever tried to use a phone while driving a motorbike? It isn’t a nice experience,  especially if you drop your phone, or worse, if you got an accident!

With KLets, you will be able to use your Android™ phone in situations where you can’t touch or watch it, or when is better to not do so.

It has been built on top of Voice-Recognizer and Text-To-Speech hand-free features of Android™, and it has been designed to have near zero screen interactions, in order to be fully controlled by voice.

It can be used with hands-free bluetooth headset, wired headset or in speakerphone mode (however, speakerphone mode and wired headset don’t provide the best usage experience, so the usage of a good bluetooth headset is highly recommended).

Currently available voice controlled features, also called “voice actions”, are:

  • Call a contact * or a phone number
  • Call a contact * with Skype
  • Send an SMS or an email to a contact *
  • Play music (with playlists, albums and artists selection support **)
  • Start and stop navigation with Google Navigator™ or Sygic
  • Ask for phone battery status and signal level
  • Add an avent to the calendar
  • Start a Tasker’s tasks
  • Set an alarm
  • Check for incoming SMS, recalling the sender or replying with an SMS
  • Check for lost calls, recalling the caller or replying with an SMS
  • Ask for current time

Other features are:

  • Announce contact names or phone numbers for incoming calls NOTE: due an Android restriction applied by Google, this feature can’t work on Android Honeycomb (3.x) and newer
  • Reminders for unread SMS and lost calls
  • Fully customizable voice action texts
  • Multiple ways to say actions
  • Experimental voice activation feature
  • Voice handling and selection when a command can be performed by multiple applications, in order to avoid manual application selection on the screen (currently supported for call and listen actions).
  • A way to customize action matching threshold for voice recognizer results handling (to improve application performances)
  • Plugin support for third-parts voice commands (check the Developer Guide)
  • An advanced action builder integrated with Tasker: it will allows to create custom actions linked to a specific task, defining custom voice activation patterns with variable part supports New from version 2.4.0! Documentation available here: Guide for custom commands integrated with Tasker)

New features and commands planned for a future release or already in development:

  • An addon pack (available in Italan and English) with additional commands to:

    • Open a contact detail (done)
    • Perform a check-in with Foursquare (in progress)
    • Change phone volume
    • Open a phone setting screen
    • Enable or disable bluetooth
    • Enable or disable wifi
    • Listen for a word definition (from wikipedia)
    • Make simple math operations
    • Translate phrases
    • Listen for the current geo-location address

Dropped or freezed features:

  • Experimental integrated offline voice recognizer (only for some languages, with limited actions support and to be considered to not perform well) Google announced that its voice recognition engine will support an offline mode, and it already works better then the Voice Control embedded offline engine.

* These actions support multiple contacts results, partial contact matching, contacts with multiple numbers and numbers with custom labels
** Playlists, albums and artists playing is supported only with Google Music Player, PowerAMP 1.4 or 2.0, Music PlayerPro and Winamp