Beta and Translations

Thank you for wanting to help Voice Control!

Beta access

To access beta versions, you need to send a join request for the KLets Beta Tester Group on Google Groups from this page (You need to send the join request using the same Google account used on the Play Store of your phone, otherwise you will not be able to access the beta!) : KLets Beta Tester Group

Once the request has been sent, I will need to manually approve your request, creating the needed beta tester license, so, please, be patient as it could take a while.

Once your request has been accepted, you will need to read the thread “How to install betas from the Play Store” in order to automatically receive beta versions directly from the Play Store.

Also, with the beta access approval, you will gain a beta tester license usable as lifetime trial license inside the free version!

Translation access

To contribute on translation, you need to register on the translation site using this page: Translation Site Registration Page

Once registered and logged-in, you will be able to add suggestions to translations with your username and to vote for other users’ suggestions. If you want to directly modify translations, you need to contact me to ask for the right to directly edit translations (I’m sorry, but this is needed to avoid spammers).
Don’t forget to take a look at the translator guide in order to learn how to use the translation site and how KLets translation are organized: Translators Guide

Please note that the translation site is configured to automatically build and send by email private beta versions with your translations changes after one hour of your latest change, this way, you can check your changes without the need to wait for an official beta. However, private beta versions will work only with a valid beta tester license (and only a beta tester license can grant full vesion features on the free KLets version), so don’t forget to request a beta access (see above)!

Again, thank you for helping Voice Control!