Privacy Policy

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KLets does not collect, track or share any personal data.

Personal data accessed by KLets, like contacts, are used only locally on the phone to perform user requested commands at the time they are performed.

KLets uses third part apps configured in the phone settings to provide voice recognition and text to speech features. Audio data processed by the voice recognition app and audio data said by the text to speech app is subject to the privacy policy of the third part app configured on the phone.


Personal data used and accessed by third part plugins is subject to the third part plugin privacy policy.

Usage statistics

Usage statistic are turned off by default and must be manually enabled. Usage statistic collect only anonymous usages of KLets features and does not collect or track any personal data.

Personal information and support

Personal information like email, name and other data privately shared with me through any support channel will not be shared with anyone else and will be used only to provide the needed support.

These privacy policies can change whenever required so it is your responsibility to always check the policies if it is not been communicated to you by mail.

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