Released KLets version 2.4.0

I’m proud to announce the release of the KLets version 2.4.0!

This version comes with a brand new section that allows to create custom voice commands, for simple funny jokes or for powerful voice commands integrated with Tasker (I created a wiki page where it is explained how Tasker integration works). It allows also to create custom aliases for contacts, apps, and to define text substitutions to apply on text used for SMS, emails, notes and so on.

Here the full change-log:

  • Added a new customization section, where it will be possible to create new custom command and to customize default command phrases, contact aliases, application aliases and text substitutions.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the approximate commands recognition logic to work correctly in some situations.
  • When an action can be executed with more than one application, now KLets asks to always use the selected one.
  • Added an option to clear application selection preferences saved by KLets when executing voice commands.
  • Added an option to enable the use of online high quality Text-To-Speech synthesis. It will be applied only if the TTS engine support and if the phone is actually connected to Internet.
  • Handled missing connectivity for actions that require an Internet access.
  • Improved phone numbers parsing.
  • Removed the use of Android account manager for storing email credentials, in order to resolve email credentials lose on phone restart.
  • Added a reminder in order to leave a vote for KLets on the Play Store.
  • For German: fixed an error in dates said by KLets.
  • For German: added support for German specific date formats when parsing dates.
  • Added the priority info to the voice recognition log
  • Fixed plugin integrations bugs

As usual, my greatest thanks to every beta tester and translator, for all their help and work!

5 Comments on “Released KLets version 2.4.0

  1. Non riesco ad installare il programma . errore: autorità provider duplicata.
    Grazie x vostra risposta

  2. hi!
    your app is fontastic! im interesting for experimantal option. this option work fine!but one problem!
    when i activate him,they work normaly(wating for personal command)anf It “stay waiting” normaly if i ask correct comand.
    * but the probleme if i ask a false comande or any persone behind the phone says any word(false command) , the vocal activation turne of!!!!!!!
    *do you know this?its possible to resolve this? thank you very match!!!

  3. Crash istantaneo dell’app all’avvio su S2 JB 4.1.2. Inutilizzabile! Quando la acquistai mesi fa andava bene. Urge cortesemente provvedere a correggere bug subito! Grazie.

  4. This new version crashes immediately upon opening on my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7,even after rebooting.

  5. Mi dà problemi di licenza e lo sviluppatore non si degna di rispondermi. Non è serio tutto questo…..

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