Author: lukakama

KLets is now free!

Hi to everybody. First of all, I would like to thank all those who supported KLets development until now buying the paid version, participating to the beta program, discussing on forums and helping on fixing various bugs. I’m writing this

Released version 2.4.3

I’m glad to announce the release of the new version 2.4.3! It is just a maintenance version, but together with some bug-fixes, it allows everyone to use the new Plugin Pack that I finally released in Play Store. Bye to

Plugin Pack available on PlayStore

UPDATE: There were some problems with the version published on PlayStore, and the application has been unpublished. I will publish it again as soon as the plugin-pack release version has been fixed. Sorry for the delay. I’m happy to announce

First version of open source plugin pack published on Github.

It is with a little delay, but I’m happy to announce that the open-source project “Plugin-pack for KLets” is finally live on git-hub! For everyone interested, its source code can be checked and forked at this URL: Actually, the

Released KLets version 2.4.0

I’m proud to announce the release of the KLets version 2.4.0! This version comes with a brand new section that allows to create custom voice commands, for simple funny jokes or for powerful voice commands integrated with Tasker (I created

New Google Music App compatibility issues

As many of you noticed, a compatibility issue came up with the latest update of Google Music App released these days at Google I/O. I was able to fix the crash inside the development version of KLets, but it seems

Released KLets version 2.3.0

It is with a bit of delay that I’m happy to announce the release of the new 2.3.0 version! This version comes with a lot of improvements on various part of KLets. The most noticeable is the new name and

KLets – voice control 2.3.0 release delayed due incomplete translations

I’m sorry to announce that KLets – voice control 2.3.0 has been delayed due still incomplete translations. Actually, translations statuses are the following: German: Translated at 88.2% Hungarian: Translated at 46.4% Korean: Translated at 83.7% Russian: Translated at 85.6% Swedish:

Offline Recognition finally available!

I write this quick news in order to let everyone aware that, with the latest Google Search app update, Google finally enabled the Offline recognition mode for third-part applications. To use it, you need a Jelly Bean phone, than just

Voice Control development updates and plugins support

It’s been a while since last news, but I would like to make everyone aware that Voice Control development isn’t died, but, instead, it is going forward with new features and bug fixes. The next update is expected to be