KLets – voice control 2.3.0 release delayed due incomplete translations

I’m sorry to announce that KLets – voice control 2.3.0 has been delayed due still incomplete translations.

Actually, translations statuses are the following:

  • German: Translated at 88.2%
  • Hungarian: Translated at 46.4%
  • Korean: Translated at 83.7%
  • Russian: Translated at 85.6%
  • Swedish: Translated at 83.7%

To speedup the translation process, I sent missing translations to commercial translation agencies for German, Korean, Russian and Swedish. Sadly, Hungarian language is missing too much texts to translate, so I will probably drop it from the coming update.

However, commercial translation agencies apart, I really like user contributed translation, because they are much more reliable and have higher quality, as they are done by users that use the application and know how something should be written, so, if you would like to help on completing missing translations (or improving existing translations), you can anonymously use the translation site here: https://translate.voicecontrolapp.com/projects/voice-control/main_2_3_0/

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