Released KLets version 2.3.0

It is with a bit of delay that I’m happy to announce the release of the new 2.3.0 version!

This version comes with a lot of improvements on various part of KLets. The most noticeable is the new name and the new icon, from the retro-style Voice Control to the new, shorter and nicer KLets (that means chat/discuss)!

The second greatest new feature is the new Plugin System. It allows Android programmers to write their own powerful voice commands easily, leaving to KLets all the weirdness of managing bluetooth audio, voice recognition engine behaviors, fuzzy command and parameters matching and every other aspects related to them.
The plugin system has been designed to be quick and easy to use: for example, the creation of a plugin that opens details of contacts is a matter of minutes (and there is a working example inside the plugin sample project).
I will be happy to receive some feedback from Android developers about the current API, and I will be happy to improve it for the next version.

Other added nice feature are:

  • The ability to use KLets in “hidden mode”
  • The ability to force the bluetooth volume when using KLets
  • A new “micro tutorial” command
  • A new “Skype” command
  • The ability to start the navigator to a contact address

However, there are more then 50 other changes in this version, from improvements to bug-fixes! If you want and if you have the patience to read them all, you can find them inside the in-app changelog :) .

Least but not last, with this new version KLets added the support to two new languages: Swedish and Korean! My greatest thanks for the big effort made by translation contributors and by beta tester!

Also, with latest minor updates, I improved the contact name matching logic, making it a little more smarter and precise, and I added a way to enable the advanced and slower contact look-up inside KLets option every time a contact is searched.

Regarding the next version, I’m already working on the new version of KLets (the 2.4.0). This new version keyword will be “Customization”: I’m working on a brand new section where it will be possible to:

  • Create new custom commands
  • Register contact and application aliases (both are “high requested features”)
  • Register text substitutions

Regarding contact and application aliases there isn’t much to say: they will allow to declare alternative names to use for contacts and applications, when their original names can’t be easily recognized by KLets (or it can be used to create funny jokes :) ).

Text substitution, instead, will allow to replace portion of texts when dictating free texts like SMS messages, event titles, email subjects and bodies etc (but it will not be used for contact names, music titles and any other name).

However, the greatest is the custom command section, because it will allow to create brand new commands, and initially it will support “simple” and “advanced” commands:

  • A simple command will allows to define a list of phrases to use to activate it and a list of replies that Klets will use to reply; When it is said one activation phrase, KLets will reply randomly using one of defined replies. It could be used to create funny jokes :) .
  • An advanced command, instead, will allow to join the power of KLets on voice commands to the power of Tasker on executing custom actions, allowing to define complex commands with variables (like contact names, songs titles, dates, free texts etc) that will be passed to a Tasker’s task, in order to create new and amazing commands.

Obviously, I will also add some sort of import&export feature, in order to save, load and share every customization done.

Stay tuned, and if you would like to try these new features before the final release, just request a beta tester access :) .


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  1. Hi, i use the software together with a vertix raptor-i bluetooth solution for motorcycle helmet. as i ride with gloves, i cant really operate phone while riding, therefore i need a voice command software that is solid. I would be glad if i could have beta access to your app (using test version at the moment).

    thank you

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