New Google Music App compatibility issues

As many of you noticed, a compatibility issue came up with the latest update of Google Music App released these days at Google I/O.

I was able to fix the crash inside the development version of KLets, but it seems that now it is not possible anymore to automatically start playlist playing from external applications. Now, Google Music never provided a way to do that, but KLets was simulating a click on a playlist home shortcut to achieve playlist, album and artist’s songs playing, and on old version, when opening a playlist from a home screen shortcut, Google Music immediately played it. However, with this new version, it doesn’t automatically play playlists anymore when opening them from an home shortcut, and you need to manually start them from Google Music.

I will try to find a way to workaround that… meanwhile, I suggest every KLets user to use Winamp as an alternative player (it is free on Play Store and it can be found here: Winamp on Play Store).

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  1. Hi – testing out the trial app, klets didn’t recognise any of the music in my Google Play library! It was definitely reading back the right names but no matter what I tried it insisted there was nothing matching that name in the library. Such a shame because the overall interface was great. Happy to help debug if you can’t reproduce this…

    • Hi,
      currently there are no official supported ways for third part apps to access songs inside the Cloud Library of Google Music. However, reverse-engineering the Google Music database, I was able to read the song list, but, unfortunately, I was not able to find a way to play them.

      At this point, we need to wait that Google provides a supported way to access and play them.


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