What's new and bugfix in next version 1.7.0

I will update this list each time that I add a feature or fix a bug on Voice Control for the next version 1.7.0

  • Fixed some problems with Spanish language and time related messages like in “what time is it”, “lost calls” and “unread messages” actions. (released in version 1.6.2)
  • (03-09-2011) Core changes and updates in order to improve stability and remove some applications hangs (mostly due recognition start and cancel)
  • (04-09-2011) Added the support to a more natural contact details dictation for call and send message actions, like “Call Paul at home” or “Send message to George on mobile”, for Italian and English languages
  • (04-09-2011) Fixed a problem with bluetooth connection while a media player is playing over bluetooth A2DP
  • (04-09-2011) Added an “add event” action in beta status, that allows to add events to calendar (right now, it's available only in English and Italian)
  • (05-09-2011) Changed the “can speech” alert tone: with some phones, the alert tone is “eared” by the recognition engine because the phone doesn't mute the microphone due hardware problems or incompatibilities, so I changed it with a tone that start playing when the recognition engine is asked to start listen and stop when it's finally ready to listen. This will be the default behaviour and can make the tone play from 0,5 to 3 seconds (it depends to the recognition engine), but, for phones that are compatible, I will leave an option to return to the old “can speech” tone that is played only when the recognition engine is ready (it's only for power users :) !)
  • (05-09-2011) Improved application integration when launching phone calls or music play while using Voice Control over bluetooth
  • (06-09-2011) Today I get some rest, and was thinking that after this version I will start the 2.0.0, that will have an heavy re-factor to works unbound to application screens, because current versions are bound to the recognition screen and this make troubles when the phone has the screen off and with low resources and kills Voice Control

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