Translation site available

After some days of struggling, testing, learning and patching, finally I was able to setup the Translation Site for Voice Control.

I used the two open source projects Weblate and Translation Toolkit, patching (and contributing back) Translation Toolkit from Nijel’s GitHub fork, in order to provide better Android support, and, as soon as I have some time, I will be glad to add and contributing back some other improvements.

Going back to Voice Control translations, I configured the Translation Site because some Voice Control users asked for a way to contribute on them, so now everyone can choose to contribute on existing and new translations, and I will be glad to give at least a free beta tester license to everyone that would like to help with them (a beta tester license is like a trial license, but it can unlock full version features on the Test version for an unlimited time).
For those interested, just send me an email specifying your Google Play Store account email (needed in order to create the beta tester license) and the list of languages for which you would like to help (either existing or completely new languages), and I will be glad to setup a translator account for you.

Regarding current Voice Control development status, I’m working to add a simple visual selection for confirmation request and multiple result selection requests, in order to allows a quick reply in such situation where this could be useful.
I’m also planning to add an Evernote integration, initially only to add new notes, and in a next version I will add a way to manage added notes (something like unread messages and missed calls management).
There are also other improvements like one on GMail XOAuth integration, that now uses the embedded Android authorization system, in place of the previously used web authorization (that doesn’t work on some device), some minor improvements on bluetooth audio management and so on.

I plan to release the next version in a week or two, depending how much time will take the Evernote integration.


3 Comments on “Translation site available

  1. Hi Luca,
    .I will be glad to be a beta tester of your app.
    Please reply by email.


  2. I am interested to do the dutch language, which is both valid for Belgium and the Netherlands.

    • Hi Vandermaesen,
      I tried to get in touch with you using your email, but I got a “not exists” account from your provider. If you are still interested in the dutch translation, please contact me by email or by the support forum.


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