Released version 1.8.0

After some days, I'm finally able to release the version 1.8.0.

It has some improvements on “listen to” action, where I tried to add a better logic for music player auto-selection when no player has been specified into options. This should avoid wrong player launch when on the phone is installed at least one supported player, as an user reported that on his device, when selecting a song, the phone started the YouTube app…
Hovewer, if no supported player is present, Voice Control tries to play the song relying on Android internal selection system, that should works like: if there is only one app to play the song, use this app, else if there are more apps and one is the default, use the default app, else ask the user to select the app to use.

Another gread thing in this release is the new “wake me up” action: it allows to add an alarm to the phone saying its exact time or a relative time. The problem is that, according to Android documentation, only from Android 2.3 is possibile to add an alarm from other applications, and only from version 3.0 is possible to do that without user interaction.
However, making some tests on a Nexus S with Android 2.3.4, the alarm was set without requiring any user interaction, so I think that the only way to know if and how it works on other phone, is to test it. If you can, let me know how it works on your phone, so I can highlight it on Voice Control guide.

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