Released version 1.9.0

This news come with a little delay, but better later than never!

However, with this release I added two new actions in beta: one to get the signal level (that an user already reported that doesn't work every time), and one to get the battery charge level. They aren't indispensables, but can be usefull to someone.

Another great new feature is the ability to enable the announce of the contact name for incoming calls. By default, it is on and configured to works only over bluetooth, but can be customized inside Voice Control preferences.
However, I already received some feedback about this feature that doesn't works every time over the bluetooth and maybe I've found a cause: I made some tests using an old Nokia bluetooth headset (a Nokia BH-205), and I've found that it doesn't play what is sent by the phone while it's playing its internal ringtone (I can hear the name announced only in the pause between a ringtone-play and the successive one), as contrary on what happen with my bike bluetooth headset (a Midland BT2 headset), that plays what is sent by the phone “over” its internal ringtone (it mute its ringtone while the phone is announcing the contact name). I can't say if there is a solution for this problem or not, but I'll try to do my best to find one.

And I should do my apologies to every Russian user: there was a problem in the options screen that crashes only with Russian language. It has been fixed with this release.

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