News for Voice Control 2.1.0

The new version is almost ready. It should be released this weekend, and will contains some nice new features like:

    • Multiple ways to say actions: for example, to play a music will be possible to say either “Listen to Song”, “Play Song” or “Reproduce Song”. Currently I added actions alternatives to English and Italian languages, and for other languages I'm waiting to receive some nice suggestions from Voice Control users.
    • An initial support for action texts customization, with a check for text collisions between actions: for example, it will be possible to add a new text for “Listen to” action like “Burn”, and after that it will be possible to say “Burn Song” to listen a song. Non English and Italian users could use this feature to add alternative texts for actions (in a future release I will add also an import-export feature, in order to allows users to share or save their alternatives)
    • A better support for Android 4, with some general improvements on TextToSpeech engines handling.

I also added a reminder after three recognition fails, to remind new users to say “Help” in order to learn what can be said and how.

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