Voice Control 2.1.0 released

As announced some days ago, the new version is finally available on the market!

The main keyword for this release is “customization”: it has the initial support for actions text customization, in order to allows users to customize actions in their preferred way, adding new activation texts, removing existing one that they don't like (or that what to to use for other actions) and so on.

Its secondary keyword is “flexibility”: I added the support to different ways to tell each action, in order to allows users to say them in the way they like most. It also works together with the actions texts customization, allowing user to add new ways to say actions. Another flexibility improvements is the contact search for “call”, “send message” and “send email” actions, that now support partial contact matching, in order to allows to search for a contact saying only a part of its name.

There are also a lot of other improvements and bug-fixes, like the improved support for Android 4, a better handling of TextToSpeech engines, a better time and date recognition for “add event” and “wake me up” actions and so on.
I suggest to take a look at the full list inside the in-app change-log.

For the next version, I'm planning to improve the action text customization options, and to add the initial support for a plugin system for actions, in order to allows other Android developers to easily write new actions that will be used inside Voice Control (if you are interested to write a Voice Control action plugin, contact me).

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